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Your audience, the speakers?

Fill a room with your kind of people, add our special sauce, and give anyone 60 seconds on stage to unleash anything from their head noodles. What would happen? Wanna find out? Keep reading...

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Special Guest is the event where the audience are the speakers.


It’s a space where we can let go of who we’re supposed to be and embrace who we really are... so it’s become a place to celebrate the funny, weird, wild, deep, heart-breaking, random experiences of being human.

We run monthly events in Brixton and Elephant & Castle from 7pm-10pm for between 60-80 people where anyone can take the stage to share anything for one minute.

It feels like this... 

Looks like this...

Follow us on Instagram to see what people share on the night.

We're looking for artists, writers, musicians, vloggers, DJs, podcasters, zine-makers, community-leaders, or creators of any flavour who want to host a Special Guest event where your audience are the speakers.


So far, The Receipts Podcast, Mam Sham, Plantain Papers, Swim Dem Crew, and Shopé Delano have all hosted Special Guest events where their audience are the speakers.

Would you like to host a Special Guest for your community?

Get in touch and we'll invite you down to one of our monthly events to check it out.

We interested to hear from you if you...

  • Want to give your audience/community a platform IRL to share what's on their mind, meet each other, and have a good time in an inclusive space that encourages people to be themselves and listen to each other.

  • A large number of your audience/community are based in London and you think that 60-80 of them would want to come to your Special Guest and buy a ticket for £10.

We'd secure a venue (we have options in east, west, south London), produce the event, show you how it all works, and support you on the night. You'd promote the event and host on the night. We'll split the profit 50:50.

Hosting a Special Guest is all about creating the right vibe, setting the pace of the evening, and creating the conditions for the audience to steal the show. You'll be supported by at least three of us from Special Guest on the night.

If you're interested and you want to come to a Special Guest to meet and to see what it's all about, be in touch at

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